Our Technical Board updated the Seishinkai Ju-Jitsu International Syllabus with all the requirements for 1st – 5th Dan Ju-Jitsu.
They did not only cover all the different Waza candidates have to show at their “Shodan-Shiken” (Black Examination) but also detailes explained the official SJJI Kata, like E-Bo-no-Kata, Ne-waza-Jitsu-no-Kata, Goshin-Jitsu-no-Kata and Kime-no-Kata.

In total 98 pages of hard work.
You can order this syllabus for € 20,= (ex. shipping/handling) by just sending an email to:

the official Seishinkai Ju-Jitsu International Syllabus which is also approved by Soke Sadatoma, 10th Dan and President of the All Japan Ju-Jitsu Federation.