Seishinkai Costs


You can also obtain official Japanese Dan-Diplomas and/or Japanese Titles.

As these Diplomas, Ryuha-Titles and Shogo-Titles are signed by Seishinkai Ju-Jitsu International Honorary President, Soke Sadatomo Harada (10th Dan), and because they are very special, we submitted a separate page on this subject.

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School/Clubs/DojoAnnual fee € 50 for Dojo
YEN 7100
An official SJJ Dojo has a least 10 SJJI members and one Sensei/teacher/owner is automatically member of SJJI free of charge
One time entry fee for students YEN 1500Including official SJJI badge and Budo Passport
Junior (up to 18 year) Annual fee YEN 3000
Senior Annual fee YEN 4000
Dan-Examination Costs1st – 3rd Degree Black Belt € 35 — YEN 5000
4th – 5th Degree Black Belt € 50 — YEN 7100
National Seminar Admission fee € 7,50 Non-SJJI members fee € 15,=
Shipping of the official SJJI badge and passport will be charged

1st DanSJJI Shodan CertificateYEN 14000
2nd DanSJJI Nidan CertificateYEN 18000
3rd DanSJJI Sandan CertificateYEN 22000
4th DanSJJI Yondan CertificateYEN 26000
5th DanSJJI Godan CertificateYEN 30000
6th DanSJJI Rokudan CertificateYEN 34000
7th DanSJJI Nanadan CertificateYEN 38000
YEN 4000 for each Dan and only after sending Budo-History and check by Seishinkai Ju-Jitu International Japan Staff

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