Seishinkai Costs


You can also obtain official Japanese Dan-Diplomas and/or Japanese Titles.

As these Diplomas, Ryuha-Titles and Shogo-Titles are signed by Seishinkai Ju-Jitsu International Honorary President, Soke Sadatomo Harada (10th Dan), and because they are very special, we submitted a separate page on this subject.

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School/Clubs/DojoAnnual fee € 50 for Dojo An official SJJ Dojo has a least 10 SJJI members and one Sensei/teacher/owner is automatically member of SJJI for free
One time entry fee for students € 10 Including official SJJI badge and Budo Passport
Junior (up to 18 year) Annual fee € 20
Senior Annual fee € 25
Dan-Examination 1st – 3rd Degree Black Belt € 35
4th – 5th Degree Black Belt € 50
National Seminar Admission fee € 7,50 Non-SJJI members admission fee € 15,=
Shipping of the official SJJI badge and passport will be charged

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