Seishinkai Titels and Certificates


There are two kinds of Titles in Budo.
①   The Title of Shogo (“Hanshi”, “Kyoshi”, “Renshi”
②   The Title of Ryuha(”Soshihan”, “Shihan”, ”Shihandai”, “Shido-in”

(This Title of Ryuha is the Title of Teacher and which is not given you by Dojo but by Association.)

Like the Title of Ryuha, if you are given this certification, you will be highly expected by  “Samurai” or warrior class people about not only skills but trust and humanity as a “Commander”.


About “Hanshi” – A great master to be respected to the highest of Japanese martial arts compliance. Ordinarely this Title will be given to over 55-years-old candidate. This Title is the greatest Shogo (Master of Teacher), master of human life and have the greatest humanity also.


About “Kyoshi” – Quite knowledgeable person and master of teacher. “Kyoshi” needs to prove that I am totally skillful and to have high moral perspective as human. Candidates need to be 40~45-years-old and have 6th Dan also.


About “Renshi” – A teacher who is skillful of the Title of Shogo and highly  brushed up his humanity through severe training. Candidates needs to be over 35-years-old and have 4-Dan also.

There are four important things in Japan.
His Majesty the Emperor, Yasukuni Shrine, Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms.
“A thousand days of training to develop, ten thousand days of training to polish.”

Training till around 20-years-old of Musashi Miyamoto was “develop” and next 30years till 50-years-old was “polish”.


About “Shihan” –  Main instructor of Dojo. Needs to receive “Menjo” by “Menjo” issuing association. “Shihan” is very significant for Ryuha and has to be able to demonstrate all skills or Kata perfectly of Ryuha. In addition, candidates need to be 40~50-years-old and to have 4th Dan – 7th Dan.


About “Shihandai” – Substitute of “Shihan”. Age needs to be 30~50-years-old and also he/she needs to have 4th Dan – 7th Dan.


About “Shidoin” – “Shidoin” is professional for teaching skills at Dojo and also can run Dojo class as a manager. In addition, he/she needs to have basic knowledge of history of Ryuha. Age needs to be 25~30-years-old and have 3rd Dan.

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