The Golden Cup

In Japan, when a bowl is broken, they use gold to attach broken pieces to create a new piece of art.

The Japanese believe that when something has ever been hurt and brought in a history, it will be more beautiful. So instead of throwing away a broken bowl, they will put the pieces back in gold. Instead of trying to hide the broken cracks, they use gold to highlight them as a way to praise and turn them into the highlight of the whole bowl.

So is human. All the difficulties, the damage you have or are going through doesn’t make you any uglier. You have the choice to paint on those damage a layer of gold. You can totally wake yourself up and learn from those tripped to become a better version of yourself.

You can totally be proud of the scars from your injuries and say: ” look what I’ve been through. Thanks to them I am today. Now there’s nothing I can’t get over.”

Don’t be ashamed of what happened to you. The more you deny and complain for what happened, the more they don’t help you.

Life, then everyone used to break something. People have never been broken so people stand there judge when they see you break what you love. After this, when you go through the same feelings, people will feel the same way you are.

I wish you to know how to stick gold on each crack.

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