Dear members, 

The date was 19th of November 2016. Location: Dojo Seishinkai Ju Jitsu International Waalwijk.

I was invited to be one of the examiners for the Seishinkai Ju Jitsu International (SJJI) blackbelt exams.

Outside it was very nice weather, sun was shining. When I arrived at the Dojo in Waalwijk, I met the other examiners for the day. The other examiners would be: Pax Nicolasen, Rob Coolen and last but not least, Henk van der Put. Tony van Venrooy did the administration off our assessment results. He’s as, you all know, the World President for Seishinkai Ju-Jitsu International.

We had to judge 5 Dan-grade exams:

1.    Dan                       – Max Butselaar

                                    – Hans de Kort

                                    – Thomas Wellens

                                    – Gjalt Walda

2. Dan                         – Michael Verstrepen

5. Dan                         – Mark Dijks

First Mark Dijks did all kata (4), then the other candidates had to show their kata, techniques and randori.

After the other candidates he showed us his own presentation. Then it was time to show us all kind of techniques and his randori.

The performances the candidates showed us were at a high level. The average score of the 1.dan candidates was 75 – 80 %. All the candidates did show us a very good examination, so for us as examiners there was only one conclusion, all of the candidates passed there exam. So we congratulate all candidates with their great performances and new grade.

Keep on doing the good work!

Greetz Remko Dijkman