Erik Willems (NL) receives Bushido Cup

At the E-Bo-no-Kata World Championship 2018 which was held on April 21st in Sint Willebrord, the Netherlands, Erik Willems (4th Dan) received the Seishinkai Bushido Cup.

Erik was Uke for 2 of his students. Both did very well, Clay Visser (1st Kyu) and Rick Rombouts (3rd Dan) took silver and gold in their class.
However, a couple of days before the tournament, Erik had a training with the Police Departement and got injured when a Police Officer fell on top of him. The Officer’s flashlight bruised two of Erik’s ribs.
Despite the serious pain he went on and led his students to victory.

Not only displayed Erik tremendous willpower by stepping on the Tatami, but he showed his students the Respect and Budo-discipline which is also very important.

The Technical Board, together with all the Kata Judges and Japan Staff, unanimous decided to award Sensei Erik Willems this year’s Seishinkai Bushido Cup.

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