High Level Black Belt Exams

On Saturday June 8th, six Dutch candidates did their Shodan-Shiken” (Black-Belt Test) in Waalwijk the Netherlands.

The Day started with a small lunch together with the Judges where they were briefed by SJJI vice-President Rob Coolen (7th Dan).
Like always the Technical Board invited Judges who are ofcourse highly skilled and experienced Ju Jitsuka of different Ju-Jitsu organizations:
Rinus Tegelaar (7th Dan), Jan Noordijk (5th Dan), Remco Dijkman (5th Dan) and Marcel van Drunen (4th Dan).

Also monitoring these “Shodan-Shiken” was the Belgium SJJI Associated Director, Mr. David van der Schoepen and he also was impressed by the candidates and their level of Ju-Jitsu.

With six candidates entering these exams there was a big crowd of people who wanted to see and support the candidates.

According to the Judges all the exams where on a high level. Which made it fun and interesting to watch for everybody. After almost 4 hours of exams the judges where pleased to announce that all six candidates passed their exams.

Seishinkai Ju-Jitsu International congratulates these Dutch candidates below with passing their Black-Belts Test.

2nd Dan:  Eva de Keijzer
2nd Dan:  Blanche Mannens
2nd Dan:  Gjalt Walda

1st Dan:  Rinus Bergenhenegouwen
1st Dan:  Eline Coolen
1st Dan:  Michael van Oostrum

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