Technical Board Member

The SJJI Board, after approvement of Honorary President Soke Sadatomo Harada, appointed Sensei Remko Dijkman (5th Dan Seishinkai) to be member of the SJJI Technical Board.

Dijkman Sensei has been a  Seishinkai Member and SJJI Black Belt Examiner for many years and his contribution to the development of the Technical Level of Ju-Jitsu has not gone unnoticed.

One of the tasks of the SJJI Technical is to check and update the Technical Syllabus and also the text of Seishinkai Kata #1, the E-Bo-no-Kata.

We welcome Sensei Dijkman and are happy that we can learn and profit from his vast knowledge of Ju-Jitsu (5the Dan), Judo (5th Dan) and Self-Defense (Police Intructor).

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